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The Fight Against Truth Decay

17:30 – 18:30, Hall Cosmos in Association with А1

Digital Humanism and Knowledge Institutions

In this lecture Director of the Vienna City Library and philosopher Anita Eichinger will share the basics of Digital Humanism. The Manifesto for Digital Humanism, which was adopted at TU Wien in 2019, aims to put people in the centre of digital transformation and ensure that technology is used in accordance with ethical and moral principles. One of the biggest challenges in this context is the loss of trust in facts and truths. In this context, libraries play an important role, serving as guardians of knowledge and truth. Libraries can help facilitate access to information and ensure that facts and truths are accessible to all. In addition, libraries can act as key players in promoting media literacy and critical thinking.

This event will be in English, simultaneous translation will be available.
In partnership with the Austrian Embassy.

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The beauty and mystery of our brain

15:00 – 16:00, Hall Ocean in association with Mr. Bricolage

Perhaps there is nothing more mysterious in the human body than the brain. What does modern science know about the brain? How comprehensive is this knowledge? How does the brain work when we are awake and asleep? What is optogenetics and is it possible to control the brain and behavior with the help of light? All these questions will be answered by Ukrainian neuroscientists Pavel Belan and Nana Voitenko.

This event is in English, simultaneous translation into Bulgarian will be available.
In partnership with the Embassy of Ukraine and the STEM IS FEM project

FCC, Hall Ocean in association with Mr. Bricolage View Map