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The potential for liquid biopsies to revolutionise cancer care

25 November, 13:30 to 14:30, Hall Cosmos in association with A1

We can now analyse blood samples in incredible detail. In parallel, advances in artificial intelligence mean we can make sense of these data like never before. We now have the chance to detect and track cancer through blood tests (liquid biopsies) rather than relying upon scans and samples from tumours. This is already changing how we treat cancer, and promises to affect how we diagnose the disease, how we monitor people after treatment is finished and even which drugs we use. Join Prof. Mark Middleton, Head of Oncology at the University of Oxford, to hear of the technologies his research group use, how they are being tested in the clinic and where this may lead us over the next decade.

In English, simultaneous translation into Bulgarian available
In partnership with the Science & Innovation Network of the UK and the British Embassy in Bulgaria

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Eyes wide open

26 November, 10:30 to 11:30, Hall Laboratory in association with Aurubis

Unable to bring stars to the laboratory, astronomers study them simply by watching them. Through the light that reaches us, we understand that in some way we are very much like the stars – we are born, we live, and we die. However, are they all the same? Are they of the same age, do they have the same companions, the same signature? These are some of the questions raised by astrophysics. Explore their possible answers with Portuguese astrophysicist Alexandre Aibéo as they force us to reflect on our place in the universe, which is a fundamental process for developing a critical spirit and an educated choice that are the basis of citizenship.

This event is in English.
Recording of the live event at the Sofia Science Festival, exclusively broadcast for the audience in Plovdiv.
In partnership with the Instituto Camões Sófia.

ЦРСББ, ул. „Свети Княз Борис I – Покръстител“ жк Тракия View Map