What are earthquakes telling us

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13:00 – 14:00, Hall 42
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Researchers from several countries, including Bulgaria and the Czech Republic have launched a massive European project to study the seismic activity of the continent, and the Balkans. A number of seismic stations were installed last summer across Bulgaria to collect data. Find out more about what earthquakes are telling us from Czech seismologist Petr Kolínský is a seismologist interested in propagation of seismic waves from earthquakes. He uses these waves to study the parts of the Earth down to several hundreds of kilometers. To reach better resolution of the Earth structure and to understand the wave propagation better, he uses data from dense seismic networks.  He is affiliated with the Institute of Geophysics, Prague, the Czech Republic. Before, he was working at the University of Vienna, Austria.

This event is in English, simultaneous translation is available.
In partnership with the Czech Centre.

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