Were they like us? Using archaeological science to discover the people of the past

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11 May, 16:30 – 17:30
Hall ENERGY in association with Overgas 

Finding out about life in the past is a challenge. We know little about what people were doing and thinking, and how they related to one another. Archaeologists use the things that have survived until today, like houses, tools, food remains and art, to find out about what happened in prehistoric periods, before writing was invented. One of the best ways to get close to those who lived before us is to look at the things that were closest to them, their clothing and jewellery. This talk explores the ways that archaeologists find out previously unknown details of prehistoric life using the tiny details of artefacts that often get missed. This research helps us to understand technology, society and individual identities in a world far removed from ours, and helps us understand whether they thought and felt the same things that we do today.

Emma L Baysal is an archaeologist and educator specialising in the prehistoric archaeology of southwest Asia. As an Associate Professor of Prehistory at Ankara University, Türkiye, she researches the ornaments that ancient groups used on their bodies – bracelets, necklaces, labrets and earrings – to explore how they viewed themselves and related to others around them. She believes that the need to define our identity is universal, and we have much to learn from the stories of those who first experimented with different materials and techniques to express themselves to others.

In English.
In partnership with National Geographic.

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Today, National Geographic Explorers are continuing to push the boundaries of knowledge, uncovering new insights about the natural and cultural worlds, and strengthening our connection to them and one another.

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