Enriching STEAM Education Approaches with Augmented/Virtual Reality and 3D Printing

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11 May, 15:00 – 16:00
Hall ENERGY in association with Overgas 

The swift evolution of 3D technologies has opened up diverse opportunities for 3D modelling to be utilised in education both in digital and physical formats. As industries like medicine, construction, and technology design increasingly rely on 3D modelling, its potential applications in education are increasingly gaining traction. This talk by Univ-Prof. Dr. Zsolt Lavicza, PhD., based on studies conducted by the STEAM education research group at the Linz School of Education, Johannes Kepler University, Austria, delves into introducing Augmented/Virtual Reality and 3D printing in teacher education across various countries. We explored teachers’ perceptions, established the requisite educational ecosystem for 3D technologies, evaluated pedagogical approaches for integrating 3D modelling into classrooms, and emphasised the incorporation of arts and culture to inspire students. Our initiatives extend to creating 3D resources for students with disabilities and those from disadvantaged communities, as well as fostering girls’ engagement in STEM studies through 3D modelling. The core objective of our studies is to empower teachers and students as innovators in utilizing these novel technologies. Additionally, we addressed the demand for new theoretical and methodological approaches by expanding our work from mathematics to STEAM, introducing a STEAM+X approach, and supplementing Design Based Research (DBR) with User Experience (UX) research methodologies to adapt to rapid technological changes. In this talk, exemplary practices will be described showcasing secondary and primary education in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

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Zsolt Lavicza has worked on several research projects examining technology and mathematics teaching in classroom environments at the Universities of Michigan and Cambridge. In addition, Zsolt has greatly contributed to the development of the GeoGebra community and participated in developing research projects on GeoGebra and related technologies worldwide. Currently, Zsolt is a Professor in STEAM Education Research Methods at Johannes Kepler University’s Linz School of Education. From JKU he is working on numerous research projects worldwide related to technology integration into schools; leading the doctoral programme in STEAM Education; teaching educational research methods and coordinating research projects around the world.

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