Transforming Astronomy with New Infrared Eyes: The James Webb Space Telescope

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25 November, 18:00 – 19:00 Hall Laboratory in association with Aurubis
Since the release of the first images obtained with the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) almost a year ago (July 2022), this observatory is pushing the current state of knowledge from the farthest reaches of the Universe to some of the closest objects we can observe in the Solar System. The detection of the first galaxies beyond the Big Bang was the driver for the massive space telescope, but new discoveries are being made routinely now for extrasolar planets (planets around other stars beyond our solar system), star formation and evolution, and new glimpses and findings closer to home. We are seeing the Universe, Galaxy, and Solar System now with a whole new light. This presentation will highlight some of the new discoveries already being made with Webb its first year of science. Let Dr. Stefanie Milam deputy project scientist for planetary science at JWST guide you through the new data we are seeing.

Exclusive broadcast of a recording from the live talk at the Sofia Science Festival. In English only.
In partnership with the Embassy of USA.

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Dr. Stefanie Milam is the JWST deputy project scientist for planetary science, where she has helped enable observations within our own solar system from Near-Earth Asteroids to the farthest reaches of the Kuiper belt and even the brightest objects in the infrared sky (e.g. Mars). Her expertise is in studies of comets with ground- and space-based telescopes to understand their connection to the formation and evolution of planetary systems. In 2021, she was honored with asteroid 40706 (1999 RO240) being renamed to 40706 Milam.

Photo: Chip Gillespie (

Artistic image of James Webb telescope by: NASA-GSFC, Adriana M. Gutierrez (CI Lab)

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25 November 2023

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CPSBB, Hall Laboratory in association with Aurubis

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