The Rise and Reign of the Mammals

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16:30 – 17:30 ч., Hall Ocean in association with Mr. Bricolage
recording, in English

Humans are mammals, as are more than 6000 other animals, ranging from mice and bats to elephants and whales. In this talk, palaeontologist Steve Brusatte tells the story of mammal evolution, a 325-million-year journey that saw our ancestors persevere in the shadow of the dinosaurs, survive the worst day in the history of Earth, and then rapidly diversity and claim the world as their own. In telling this story, Brusatte — a professor at the University of Edinburgh and the palaeontology consultant for the film Jurassic World: Dominion–reveals the new fossil finds and technologies that are allowing us to understand the evolution of mammals in unprecedented detail. As part of this talk, Brusatte will unveil the new Bulgarian translation of his popular science book “The Rise and Reign of the Mammals”, which follows on from his earlier book “The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs”, which he presented to the Sofia Science Festival to great fanfare in 2019! 

And thanks to the efforts of Ciela Publishing House, “The Rise and Reign of the Mammals” will be available in Bulgarian at the Festival bookshop. After the talk join us there, grab your copy and get in line for Steve’s personal dedication to you! 

This event is in English, simultaneous translation into Bulgarian will be available.
In partnership with Ciela Publishing House and the British Council. 

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Steve Brusatte is a paleontologist and professor at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Steve is an expert on the anatomy, genealogy, and evolution of dinosaurs and mammals, and has collected fossils around the world, including in Bulgaria. He has named more than 20 new species, including the tyrannosaur dinosaur ‘Pinocchio rex’ (Qianzhousaurus). He has written several books for kids and adults most notably the adult pop science book The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs (2018), which was a New York Times bestseller in the USA and Sunday Times bestseller in the UK, and translated into over 20 languages, including Bulgarian. His latest book is The Rise and Reign of the Mammals. Steve’s work is covered often by the popular press and he was the palaeontology consultant for the 2022 blockbuster film Jurassic World: Dominion.

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