Remembrance of Earth’s Past, Envisaging Humanity’s Future

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11 May, 14:30 – 15:45, Hall Cosmos in association with А1

Bulgarian audiences will meet internationally renowned Chinese science fiction writer Liu Cixin at the Sofia Science Festival, just about a month before his sixtieth anniversary. He will share thoughs on scifi, science, human civilisation and its future. Sofia University reader on contemporary fantasy utopias, writer and fantasy and scifi editor at the ShadowDance portal Dr. Alexander Popov, together with translator of Liu Cixin’s trilogy into Bulgaria Stefan Rusinov will discuss with the outstanding author his works, the writers who influenced him, the screen adaptations of his novels and many other exciting topics.

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The trilogy “Remembrance of Earth’s Past” is a phenomenon of contemporary hard-core science fiction and well on its way to become part of literary classics. Since the publication of “The Three-Body Problem” in Bulgarian by Colibri publishing house in 2020, the entire trilogy has seen growing numbers of fans in the country, similarly to how readers reacted in China and worldwide. Liu Cixin has been awarded nine national Galaxy prizes for science fiction in China, his “The Three-Bodied Problem” brought him the Hugo prize in 2015, the third book “Death’s End” was awarded the Locus Prize in 2017, and he won the Arthur Clark prize in 2018.

This event will be live-streamed exclusively for festival audiences.
The event will be in Chinese with consecutive interpretation into Bulgarian.
In partnership with the Confuscius Institute and Colibri Publishing House.

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Sofia Tech Park, Cosmos Hall

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