Organ on chip: shaping mini organs in the lab at the service of biomedicine

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11 May, 13:00 – 14:00
Hall COSMOS in association with A1

At the crossroads of biology, physics and engineering, organ-on-chip is an emergent technology that closely mimics human organs in laboratories. About the size of a USB memory stick, these microdevices allow researchers and clinicians to better model human health and diseases. Being more accurate, these organ avatars are now accelerating the development of new drugs and personalized medicine. Explore the future with young French researcher Alexandre Grassart from the Institut Pasteur.

In French.
In partnership with Institut Frabcais Sofia

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Alexandre Grassart is a young French researcher heading a research lab at the Institut Pasteur of Lille where his team is developing new organ on chip technologies for better understanding infectious diseases. After obtaining his PhD in Cell Biology from Paris-Saclay University, he gained expertise in the fields of Bioengineering and Infectiology at the University of California Berkeley and the Institut Pasteur of Paris.

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Sofia Tech Park, Cosmos Hall in association with A1

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8-12 grade, adults

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Bulgarian, French / française

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