Nicolaus Copernicus: Half a Millennium of Inspiration

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11 May, 20:30 – 21:30, Hall 42

This year we celebrate 550 years since the birth of the Polish polymath Nicolaus Copernicus. Join Robert Nowakowski and Michal Blaszkiewicz as they walk us through the life of Copernicus, his most important scientific achievements and the progress of astronomy and astronautics after the Copernican revolution. Explore Copernicus as an inspiration for present and future scientists, find out about several projects named after him or honoring his achievements – the ESA mission “Copernicus”,  the citizen science project “Gaia Vari” and the Project “CREDO”.

This event will be in English, simultaneous translation into Bulgarian will be available.
In partnership with the Polish Institute. 

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Robert Nowakowski is a member of the Polish Society of Astronomy Enthusiast and he implements the international project “Copernicus_23_550” as part of the celebrations of the Year of Nicolaus Copernicus. He is fascinated by the processes taking place on the Sun and their impact on life on Earth and on the space sector. He is no less mesmerized by his observations of the Sun in hydrogen H-alpha radiation with his Lunt LS60T Hα/B1200 telescope. Robert often organizes astronomical shows, mini science picnics and educational workshops for schools and astronomy enthusiasts. He shows and explains the processes taking place on the Sun such as prominences, filaments, sunspots, spicules, floccules.

Michal Blaszkiewicz is a jazz violinist, alumnus of the prestigious Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice. As an active musician, Michał performs on stages across Poland and abroad, collaborating with many renowned artists. Astronomy however is his great passion. As part of the Silesian Planetarium team Michał shares his knowledge of astrophysics and geophysics with audiences of various ages. He is also an active observer and astrophotographer. He loves traveling around the world and visiting various observatories and places related to astronomy. He has been associated with the Polish Society of Astronomy Enthusiasts for many years, where he actively participates in organizing multiple events and conferences.

Photo: Copernicus is shown at work in a 20th-century painting by Jean-Léon Huens, commissioned by the National Geographic Society. PHOTOGRAPH BY NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CREATIVE/ALAMY/ACI

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