The potential for liquid biopsies to revolutionise cancer care

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25 November, 13:30 to 14:30, Hall Cosmos in association with A1

We can now analyse blood samples in incredible detail. In parallel, advances in artificial intelligence mean we can make sense of these data like never before. We now have the chance to detect and track cancer through blood tests (liquid biopsies) rather than relying upon scans and samples from tumours. This is already changing how we treat cancer, and promises to affect how we diagnose the disease, how we monitor people after treatment is finished and even which drugs we use. Join Prof. Mark Middleton, Head of Oncology at the University of Oxford, to hear of the technologies his research group use, how they are being tested in the clinic and where this may lead us over the next decade.

In English, simultaneous translation into Bulgarian available
In partnership with the Science & Innovation Network of the UK and the British Embassy in Bulgaria

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Prof. Mark Middleton trained in Medicine at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, and in Oncology at the Christie Hospital and University of Manchester. His clinical and research interests are in new cancer drug development and the treatment of upper GI cancers and melanoma. He has been Chief or Principal Investigator on over 100 trials and is closely involved in the development of new therapies including DNA repair, immune checkpoint and kinase inhibitors, ImmTACs and oncolytic viruses. Mark is Director of the CRUK Oxford Centre and Head of Oncology at the  University of Oxford, where he founded the Early Phase Clinical Trials Unit.

He is interested in the development of new drugs to treat cancer, principally immunotherapies. To achieve this he works with scientists and drug companies to validate drug targets, optimise candidate molecules and design both pre-clinical testing programmes and early clinical trials, with the aim of bringing these trials to patients in Oxford.

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25 November 2023

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CPSBB, Hall Cosmos in association with A1

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8-12 grade, adults

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