Green-blue sunset on Mars, a hidden Klimt and other chemical stories

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12 November, 16:30 to 17:30, Hall 42 in association with Microsoft
teenage and adults

Professor Dr. Franz Renz from the Leibniz University, a member of the NASA Mars Exploration Rover Mission Spirit und Opportunity, investigates the Martian surface since 2004. Join him to hear about the green-blue Martian sunsets, several other scientific highlights and exciting stories around the mission of the two rovers. The 140cm tall rovers are driven by solar power. Like a geological scientist the rovers have got some scientific devices like the MIMOSII to identify minerals, e.g. Jarosit, which grows only in liquid water and proved that the Mars was once a blue planet. The same MIMOSII device revealed a hidden artwork around Gustav Klimt.

This is an exclusive screening for visitors at the venue and was filmed in a recent live event. In English, without translation
In partnership with the Austrian Embassy

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Franz Renz has been a professor at the Institute for Inorganic Chemistry at Leibniz Universität Hannover since 2008. In addition to coordination chemistry with a focus on “molecular switches” with potential importance for technology (e.g. storage, energy conversion), medicine (e.g. tumor detection) and geology (e.g. earthquake prevention), his areas of work also include his favorite element iron. He followed his favorite method, Mössbauer spectroscopy, to Mars and has been a member of NASA-JPL’s Mars Exploration Rover Mission since 1998.

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FCC, Hall 42 in association with Microsoft

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12 November 2022

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18+, adults, Age 13-18

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