Dugie the Dinosaur

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11:30 – 12:30, Hall Ocean – Incubator building 
children and parents

Millions of years ago, dinosaurs lived all across Europe. Some of the most exciting new discoveries are coming from countries like Bulgaria and Scotland, where dinosaur fossils were unknown until very recently. In this event for children and families, teacher and writer Anne Brusatte introduces the dinosaurs that once lived in Scotland during the Jurassic Period, 170 million years ago. Meet long-necked plant-eating sauropods, stegosaurs with plates on their backs, and ferocious meat-eating raptors. Anne will read her new children’s story book Dugie the Dinosaur, and then lead children in creative activities in which they draw and design their own dinosaurs—with feathers! She will be joined by Steve Brusatte, her husband and writing partners, who is a palaeontologist who has discovered many of the new dinosaur fossils in Scotland, and is currently working with Bulgarian colleagues to find new dinosaurs in Bulgaria. They will together answer any questions you have about dinosaurs!

In English, translation into Bulgarian will be available.

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Anne Brusatte is an artist and writer, who grew up in Bristol, England, but now lives in Scotland. She has an undergraduate degree in History from the University of Bristol and Master’s in Education from the City University of New York. She taught primary school for over a decade, in both the USA and UK. She writes books for children, and her first book is Dugie the Dinosaur, a fictional picture book about the dinosaurs that once lived in Scotland around 170 million years ago.

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