Ageless: the new science of getting older without getting old

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12:00 – 13:00 Hall Ocean in association with Mr. Bricolage
recording, in English

Ageing seems inevitable, but can we slow the process down, or even reverse it? A single change to the DNA of a nematode worm can double its lifespan; mice fed less than normal can live 50% longer; and some creatures never seem to age at all. Are these hints that this seemingly fundamental process could be flexible? And could this one day lead to real anti-ageing medicine? Explore with Andrew Steele, the British physicist who switched fields to computational biology to seek for answers to the greatest challenges of human life.

This event is in English, simultaneous translation into Bulgarian will be available.
In partnership with Ciela Publishing House and The Sofia Globe.

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Dr Andrew Steele is a scientist and author of Ageless: The new science of getting older without getting old. After a PhD in physics from the University of Oxford, Andrew decided that ageing was the single most important scientific challenge of our time, and switched fields to computational biology. After five years using machine learning to investigate DNA and NHS medical records, he is now a full-time writer, presenter and campaigner. He has appeared on Discovery and the BBC, produces his own videos on YouTube and gives live talks ranging from lectures to science stand-up at the Hammersmith Apollo.

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